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Multi-Generational Housing in America

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Oct 24, 2017 5:30:00 PM

generations_photographed_outside_scene.jpgThe American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) defines multi-generational housing as three generations of a family living under one roof. It is estimated that 51 million Americans live in such homes. The housing arrangement is starting to become so commonplace that buzz words have been coined to depict the phenomena,  'Multi-Gen' and 'Next Gen'. 

Multi-Generational Housing in America 

Several generations living under one roof is the norm throughout much of the world. It is a cultural steadfast that families continue to adhere by in places like China, Japan, the Middle East, and part of Europe. Many cultures believe that it is the responsibility of the children and grandchildren to care for their elders. However, in the United States, it is a relatively new trend. In America, multi-generational housing is becoming a popular choice for a variety of reasons, but typically health and family finances are the chief deciding factors for families deciding to unite and pool their resources. 

Housing Needs and Changes are Changing for Multi-Gen Households 

With more and more families opting to live under one roof, the housing needed for multi-generational households need to be reimagined. To comfortably house numerous adults, large estates are being built that feature guest quarters and caretaker housing. Housing contractors have noticed that floor plants are also evolving to encourage multi-gen co-habitation. Now housing designers are focusing on creating residences that feature floor plans that are conducive to family gathering. Many new houses also feature two or more master suites. Jack and Jill style bathrooms are also on the rise. 

Multi-Generational Homes are a Legacy

A multi-generational home is normally handed down from generation to generation. The house becomes a legacy. Many families who are choosing to live under one roof are opting to have their home's custom designed to fit their specific requirements. 

AARP estimates that the average cost of assisted living facilities and long-term care facilities averages from $42,000.00 to $90.000 per year. With the cost of assisted living facilities and long-term care facilities rising each year, it is believed that multi-generational housing will become a popular choice for many families. 

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